ICS & SCADA Security (Protecting Processes)

When it comes to SCADA security USB Lock RP is an ideal tool to provide industrial control systems (ICS),SCADA protection.
Used extensively in the Oil Industry, and in energy field in general, from water treatment plants to manufacturing facilities providing SCADA security in industrial networks.
USB Lock RP is diferent than other endpoint security tools as it protects data as a consequence of protecting the operating system from incoming treats from removable media, and wireless transmissions. In other words when it comes to ICS & SCADA network security USB Lock RP main function is to
"protect the process" and when it comes to IT network security is to "protect the data".
A Straightforward tool that prompt remarks as
 "Exactly what we needed to secure our SCADA / ICS network processes"
USB Lock RP allows for easy specific devices authorization but always protects first, even authorized devices need to be re-plugged to be used.

scada security

Protect the Process